Lemon-Ginger Chicken Thighs Recipe

For á fást ánd heálthy ásián-inspired dinner, try our lemon-ginger chicken recipe. The sweet ánd sálty combinátion of honey ánd soy sáuce mákes this chicken dish one you'll wánt to máke over ánd over.


  • 1 lemon
  • 1 táblespoon gráted fresh ginger
  • 1/2 teáspoon sált
  • 2 táblespoons honey
  • 1 táblespoon reduced-sodium soy sáuce
  • 8 chicken thighs with bone
  • 2 teáspoons vegetáble oil
  • Sliced green onions ánd lemon wedges (optionál)


  1. Finely shred peel from lemon ánd juice lemon. In bowl combine the lemon peel, ginger ánd sált. In ánother bowl combine lemon juice, honey, soy sáuce ánd 2 Tbsp. wáter.
  2. Rub lemon peel mixture under the skin of the chicken thighs. In 12-inch skillet, heát oil over medium-high heát. Pláce chicken, skin side down, in the hot oil. Cook 7 minutes or until well-browned; turn chicken ánd ádd lemon juice mixture. Reduce heát; cover ánd cook 14 to 18 minutes longer or until done (180 degrees F.).
  3. Tránsfer chicken to plátes. Skim fát from pán juices, if desired. Drizzle chicken with some of the pán juices. Top with green onion ánd serve with lemon wedges.
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